Toto Gakutei -- very good impression and color " /> YASHIMA GAKUTEI: <I>kakuban</I> (20.7 x 18.5 cm.); <I>Kinko</I>, depicting a courtesan seated on a bench with her carp decorated robes draped around her, representing Kinko riding on the back of the giant carp. The image is set against a patterned ground with white cranes on pink and is accompanied by two poems by Tsushoken Kotonoha and by Tsuhotei Tameyasu, from the series <I>Kuchikiren juban no uchi keisei mitate resenden</I> "Courtesans imitating the biographies of wise men - ten prints for the Kuchiki group", signed <I>Toto Gakutei</I> -- very good impression and color | Christie's