With:] Les Trois Pantelons. Ca. 1618-20. Lieure 288-290. -- Les deux Pantalons. Lieure 173. -- Two plates from La Combat a la Barriere. Lieure 583-4. -- And another. (8)" /> FLORENCE 1619 -- [PRINTS]. CALLOT. Group of 8 prints. Including: "Battaglia del Re Tessi e del Re Tinia Festa Rapresentata in Firenze el Fiume d'Arno il di XXV di Luglio 1619." 226 x 300 mm. An engraving of a handscreen after Jacques Callot. An engraving of a handscreen after Jacques Callot showing a mock battle between the companies of weavers and dyers on the Arno. Callot's original (Lieur 302) Russell 67 is known to have been mounted as a fan according to the chronicler Cesare Tinghi who is quoted in the catalogue Ventagli Italiani, Florence 1990 as saying that the Grand-Duke Cosimo II had ordered cinquecento roste o ventarole in forma ovata" to be distributed at festivities, see Print Quarterly VIII 1991, p.316, Fans, Christopher Lennox-Boyd. [<I>With:</I>] <I>Les Trois Pantelons</I>. Ca. 1618-20. Lieure 288-290. -- <I>Les deux Pantalons</I>. Lieure 173. -- Two plates from <I>La Combat a la Barriere</I>. Lieure 583-4. -- And another. (8) | Christie's