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Powerful Voices / Quiet Conversation:
A Dialogue Between Female Artists

New York, 7–24 August 2017

This is an exhibition about conversations — wordless conversations painted on canvas or sculpted out of bronze. They are conversations that exist in silhouette or with the flow of paint or in the perfect concentration of dots on a canvas. The conversations are quiet, but each command the viewer to look in different ways. The creators come from disparate places that range from America to Japan and France. However, there is a moment when seeing these particular works together in a small private room, one pauses and notices something: that although each piece is a solitary personage or an abstract canvas or a character in a film still, that all of the art, and therefore the artists in the room, are speaking…not just to the viewer, but to each other. While some artists aggressively force viewers to stare at their work, these women speak volumes, but almost in a whisper.

Exhibition information

  • Location

    20 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10020

  • Viewing

    7–24 August
    10am – 5pm (weekdays only)

  • Contact

    Allison Immergut
    +1 212 636 2106