Post-War and Contemporary Art - New York, November 2013

Lucio Fontana

Concetto spaziale, La fine di Dio




Concetto spaziale, La fine di Dio — ‘The End of God’—comes from a select series of egg-shaped oil paintings executed between March 1963 and February 1964 on the occasion of three distinguished exhibitions of Lucio Fontana’s work held in Zurich, Milan and Paris. Deeply mystifying, infinitely complex, and profoundly universal, these extraordinarily arresting ovoid canvases emerge as the zenith of the artist’s Concetti spaziali, or Spatial Concepts—evoking the primary mystery of the cosmos by expressing the beginning and ending of all existence.

"I do not want to make a painting; I want to open up space, create a new dimension, tie in the cosmos, as it endlessly expands beyond the confining plane of the picture."

–Lucio Fontana

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