Post-War and Contemporary Art - New York, November 2013

Mark Rothko

No. 11 (Untitled)




With its warm and fiery range of shimmering orange and vermillion rectangles interrupted by the delicate band of almost translucent white, No. 11 (Untitled) exemplifies the sense of ‘presence’ that Mark Rothko sought to establish in his most powerful works. Painted as the world entered the nuclear age, No. 11 (Untitled) perfectly captures the duality of the 1950s — encompassing the potential of the human spirit while at the same time reflecting the dark forces that Rothko felt existed deep within the human soul. Channeling its elemental power through the constantly shifting tussles between color, texture and edge, the work pulsates with energy and majesty.

"A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience."

–Mark Rothko

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20 Rockefeller Plaza
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20 Rockefeller Plaza
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