How many items may I submit per request?
You may submit up to six items per request, with a maximum of thirty items allowed per day. For example, in a single day you may submit 5 requests containing six items each, or 30 requests containing one item each.

If you are submitting an estimate request for books, musical instruments, or wine, please note:

  • For entire book collections, you may complete one entry form and attach a list of the volumes in your collection, including the author, title, publisher, date and place of publication, and information about the bindings.
  • For entire wine collections, you may complete one entry form and attach a list of the bottles in your collection, including the type of wine, producer, vintage, size, quantity, vineyard (if applicable) and storage conditions.
  • To evaluate violins and other stringed instruments, we require six different views of the instrument. All images should be in color and in focus. No three-quarter shots or other angle shots. The views required are as follows:

What is the required file format for my digital images?
The auction estimate request form accepts images in .jpeg, .tif, .gif, and .png file extensions. If your image is not currently one of these, open it in your photo editing software and save it as a new file type.

What is the maximum file size allowed for my digital images?
Individual images may not exceed 10 MB (10,000 KB). The total size of all images within a single request may not exceed 50 MB (50,000 KB). If your image is too large, open it in your photo editing software and save it at a lower resolution.

I only have print photographs. Can I still submit an auction estimate request?
Yes. Select the “Send photographs by postal mail” option in the auction request form, and submit. Print the confirmation page containing the confirmation number for your request. Label the back of each photograph with the confirmation number and item number (e.g., AE00016X, Item 1). Mail the photographs and a copy of the confirmation page to the following address:
Auction Estimates Service
20 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

Can I bring in my property in person?
You may bring in your property to our London, South Kensington location, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. No appointment is necessary but we advise you to telephone the appropriate department ahead of your visit.

For all other locations, please telephone the location to confirm that a specialist for your category is available at that location. Since our specialists travel extensively to find property for our auctions, we suggest you make an appointment with the appropriate specialist to ensure he or she will be available at the time of your visit.