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Collectrium Services

Experience unsurpassed collection care with innovative solutions from Collectrium.

Manage it All Easily...

Collectrium accommodates even very large collections and is refreshingly simple to use, from unlimited storage to drag-and-drop organizing.

...and in Complete Privacy

Everything entered on Collectrium is encrypted, stored and backed up at data centers with bank-level security.

Understand its Value

Benchmark any object value with your other assets, similar lots sold at auction and much more for a 360° view of your collection.

Experience our Innovative Capabilities

Visualize your art in a new setting, directly on your mobile phone or tablet, with built-in 3D and augmented reality technology.

Know Your Collection

Collectrium offers personalized timelines and reports for a 360° view of your collection, letting you explore and analyze your assets in depth and from any angle.

Have it All, Everywhere

Enjoy your collection and every Collectrium benefit on your mobile device without compromising functionality.