Les Gaudichots--Vintage 1929
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Les Gaudichots--Vintage 1929

6 bottles per lot

The original la Tâche vineyard owned by Louis-Philibert Joly de Bevy at the beginning of the revolution passed, by forced sale after the revolution, through Jacques Jacquinot to Claude-François Viénot, a négociant in Dijon.

At the turn of the 19th century, Viénot, to settle debts, sold his vines to Guillaume Basire which passed to General Liger Belair by marriage and remained in his family until 1933.

For most of the 19th century, a large part of Les Gaudichots a lieu-dit adjoining La Tâche, was known in title deeds as Tâche Gaudichots or Tâche Gaudichottée. Indeed the issue remained confused until court proceedings in 1932 and the eventual establishment of the appellation contrôllée of La Tâche in September 1936.

The Duvault-Blochet family, the ancestors of the de Villaines who currently co-own the property, acquired parcels of Les Gaudichots throughout the 19th Century including in 1862 a large parcel from M. Morellet and in 1866 a southern portion from M. Lausseure. Each of these vineyards was also referred to as Tâche Gaudichots.

Throughout the early part of the 20th century, the basis for the appellation laws to come centered around the consistent use of local traditions, whether written or oral that would become key elements in determining the appellation d'origne.

At this time the harvest from the Tâche-Gaudichots vineyards of Duvault-Blochet were bottled as "Vosne Romanée, les Gaudichots".

In 1932 the Liger-Belair family sought to limit the rights to the La Tâche designation to the original Joly de Bevy vineyard, but lost after an extensive tasting and an official visit to the vineyard by the judge. Thus, the Gaudichots vineyards of de Villaine and Chambon (descendants of Duvault-Blochet) were able to be designated as La Tâche.

When in the following year the Liger-Belair heirs sold by auction the original La Tâche vineyard, Edmond Gaudin de Villaine and Jacques Chambon became the sole owners of the present boundaries of La Tâche as eventually defined by the appellation laws in September 1936.

The following incredible offering of Les Gaudichots from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is therefore a true piece of liquid history and an astonishing find in such quantity.

1929 *****

This was a glorious vintage, combining abundance and high quality. Refined, ripe, elegant; wines of immediate appeal, some of which, if well cellared, have stayed the course.
MB, VintageWine

Les Gaudichots--Vintage 1929
Côte de Nuits, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Grand Premmier cru All lots light bin soiled labels
Lot 2203-2206 levels: 5cm. Lot 2207-2208 levels: 5.5cm. Lot 2209-2210 levels: one 5.5cm and two 6cm. Lot 2211 levels: one 5.5cm, one 6cm and one 6.5cm. Lot 2212 levels: two 6cm and one 6.5cm. Lot 2213-2215 levels: 3.5cm. Lot 2216 levels: one 3.5cm and five 4cm. Lot 2217-2220 levels: 4cm. Lot 2221 levels: three 4cm and three 4.5cm. Lot 2222 levels: 4.5cm. Lot 2223 levels: one 3.5cm, one 5.5cm, one 6cm and three 6.5cm. Lot 2224 levels: 3cm. Lot 2225 levels: 3.5cm. Lot 2226 levels: five 4.5cm and seven 5cm.

Lot 2211: one stained label. Lot 2212: one crowned capsule. Lot 2216: two nicked labels, three torn labels. Lot 2221: one torn label. Lot 2214: four nicked labels, one torn label. Lot 2226: two nicked labels.

Parcel: lots 2203-2206, 2207-2208, 2209-2210, 2213-2215, 2217-2220
Tasting note from a representative bottle from this cellar:
It was particularly thrilling to taste this wine, which of course today is recognised as La Tâche. It was garnet-red of medium depth, with amber rim. The nose was initially discreet, but a few minutes contact with the air allowed great, fruit-ripeness to emerge, with notes of spice and leather. These were followed by mushroom and truffle. The palate was fleshy, richly-built, muscular, mouth-filling. No sign whatever of disintegration, but sweet ripeness, with superb finesse and length. This is a wine of the most impressive beauty. AH

Uniquestionably the star of the tasting. Appearance belied its power; rich, tangy, perfect bouquet, not showing its age; sweet. rich, powerful, marvellous 'grip' and length. A great rarity. Superb. MB

6 bottles per lot
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