JEFF KOONS (B. 1955)
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傑夫‧昆斯 (1955年生)

聖心 (紫紅/金色)

傑夫‧昆斯 (1955年生)
聖心 (紫紅/金色)
鏡面 不銹鋼 透明彩色塗料 雕塑
356.9 (H) x 218.4 x 121 cm. (140 1/2 x 86 x 47 5/8 in.)
款識:JEFF KOONS 1994-2007 (禮結內裡)
紐約 高古軒畫廊
休斯頓 Jereann and Holland Chaney
2008年9月3日〈Jeff Koons: Mickey-l'Ange Contemporain〉《Paris Match》(圖版為不同版本,第80頁)
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2008年7月/8月〈USA: Jeff Koons〉《Art Actuel (no. 57)》 M.P. Nakamura編輯 (圖版為不同版本,第71頁)
2008年〈Art Star〉《Lifestyles Magazine Winter》 M. Simmons編輯 (圖版為不同版本,第26頁)
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2014年《Jeff Koons: La Retrospective》展覽圖錄 S. Rothkopf 及B. Blistè n e編輯 巴黎 龐畢度中心 (圖版為不 同版本,第156頁)
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2021年《傑夫‧昆斯: 閃》展覽圖錄 佛羅倫薩 斯特羅齊宮 基金會 (圖版,第25-26頁;第14號,第100-101;187頁)
2008年4月-10月「Jeff Koons on the Roof」紐約大都會藝術 博物館 (展覽為不同版本)
2011年5月-10月「Collection Platform 1: Circulation」基輔 Pinchuk Art Centre (展覽為不同版本)
2012年10月-11月「傑夫‧昆斯」布魯塞爾 阿爾敏·萊希畫廊 (藍/紫紅色版本)
2013年4月-9月「All You Need is Love」東京 森美術館 (展覽為不同版本)
2017年4月-8月「傑夫‧昆斯」比佛利山莊 高古軒畫廊 (展覽為不同版本)
2021年10月-2022年1月「傑夫‧昆斯. 閃」佛羅倫薩斯特羅齊 宮基金會
On occasion, Christie's has a direct financial interest in the outcome of the sale of certain lots consigned for sale. This will usually be where it has guaranteed to the Seller that whatever the outcome of the auction, the Seller will receive a minimum sale price for the work. This is known as a minimum price guarantee. This is such a lot. Where Christie’s has provided a Minimum Price Guarantee it is at risk of making a loss, which can be significant, if the lot fails to sell. Christie’s therefore sometimes chooses to share that risk with a third party who agrees prior to the auction to place an irrevocable written bid on the lot. If there are no other higher bids, the third party commits to buy the lot at the level of their irrevocable written bid. In doing so, the third party takes on all or part of the risk of the lot not being sold. Christie's compensates the third party in exchange for accepting this risk provided that the third party is not the successful bidder. The remuneration to the third party may either be based on a fixed fee or an amount calculated against the final hammer price. The third party may also bid for the lot above the irrevocable written bid. Where the third party is the successful bidder, the third party is required to pay the hammer price and the buyer's premium in full. Third party guarantors are required by us to disclose to anyone they are advising their financial interest in any lots they are guaranteeing. However, for the avoidance of any doubt, if you are advised by or bidding through an agent on a lot identified as being subject to a third party guarantee you should always ask your agent to confirm whether or not he or she has a financial interest in relation to the lot.
Photo: Ela Bialkowska, Courtesy Palazzo Strozzi.


Jacky Ho (何善衡)
Jacky Ho (何善衡) Senior Vice President, Deputy Head of Department

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