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London Apprenticeship Programme

The programme

Do you want to kick-start your career in the world’s largest arts business? At Christie’s, we give you the skills and support you need to unlock a bright future that’s full of opportunities and new experiences. We offer different apprenticeships to take your career in exciting directions across Finance, Operations and HR. Our apprentices receive lots of hands-on training from experienced professionals and are given real responsibility.

We look for individuals with plenty of drive and self-motivation that can bring a new perspective and fresh way of thinking to our business. You’ll need excellent communication and teamwork skills and know how to organise a varied workload. You’ll be able to contribute ideas, solve problems and think for yourself.

Why choose a Christie’s apprenticeship?

Christie’s apprenticeships combine on-the-job experience and formal training to give you the knowledge and skills to kick-start your career.We offer different types of apprenticeships based on your career goals; whatever programme you choose, an apprenticeship with us results in nationally recognised qualifications.

Application instructions

Applications to apply for the Apprenticeship Programme will open in November and close in Spring. Assessments will take place during Spring/Summer and successful candidates will join us in September. Please click here and key word search “apprentice” to apply. For more information about the Programme, please email us at

Application requirements

This Programme is specifically designed for those who have NOT pursued high education, but have completed or are in the process of completing their A-Levels (or equivalent). Therefore, we regret that if you have graduated with a BA, MA or higher qualification, you will not be considered for this Programme.

Meet our apprentices

  • Roxanne Parrish

    HR Apprentice

    Initially I chose to do an apprenticeship as I realised it would be a great alternative to university. I believed that doing an apprenticeship would provide me with great academic and practical experience that would help me excel in my chosen career.

    I chose Christie’s as I wanted the opportunity to join a leading international organisation, in which I could enhance my own skills and learn new ones from some of the industry’s best. Since joining Christie’s, I have worked within the Human Resources Department, whereby I have learnt many of the daily administrative tasks of a HR Coordinator. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working within the department as my development and learning has been supported and enhanced daily, plus I get to work with some of the most knowledgeable and friendly HR professionals in the business. Thus far, Christie’s has been a great workplace in which I have had various opportunities to thrive and accelerate my career.

  • Ibrahim Ugradar

    Business Support Administrator

    I consider myself to be a more practical worker, so I thought an apprenticeship at Christie’s would be a great opportunity to get my foot on the career ladder whilst continuing my education and giving me the chance to find out what is best for me and my future career.

    I chose Christie’s because of the scale of the company. I am gaining on-the-job experience as well as behind the scenes knowledge of a world renown company and working alongside people who have been working at Christie’s for years. People here are so supportive, they want to help you learn and be the best you can be.

    Many young people like me will come in not having a passion for art. But since starting, my appreciation for art has grown immensely and I never thought I would have been able to uncover that side of me.

  • Kiera King

    Marketing Apprentice

    Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

    After finishing my A-Levels in the summer of 2017 I felt like my life was at a crossroads; I was unsure on what my next steps in life should be, despite the sheer significance of this decision.

    After taking some time to figure out my options I began to look deeper into the prospect of carrying out an apprenticeship. Immediately, this seemed an ideal route for me – the ability to obtain a career specific qualification, whilst also gaining first-hand experience within the workplace was particularly appealing. With some additional research into the industries that suited my skills and interests, I realised that Digital Marketing was a perfect fit.

    What have you learnt since joining?

    Since starting my apprenticeship at Christie’s I have learnt a lot and have been constantly challenged by new experiences. I have been trained and expanded my existing knowledge on various different software’s such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Sketch, Dreamweaver as well as many others.

    I have also been given the opportunity to attend both photo and video shoots that take place for various different departments. Furthermore, I have also learnt how to write basic HTML which I then apply to create emails which get sent out to clients in order to promote sales and events that are occurring at Christie’s.

    What do you enjoy about working here?

    There is nothing that I haven’t enjoyed about working at Christie’s! Everyone here is incredibly friendly and welcoming which made settling into the company very easy. One of my favourite things about Christie’s is attending the gallery walkthroughs that are conducted by specialists, allowing anyone within the company to go on a guided talk of the current sales/exhibitions that are going on at the company. These walkthroughs allow you to get up close and truly appreciate art that you may not otherwise have had the opportunity to see, which I feel is a very intimate and special experience.

  • Katie Sawyers

    Client Services Apprentice

    "I didn’t really know what to expect when I joined Christie’s apprenticeship programme but so far, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve discovered a new world, been exposed to many pieces of interesting artwork and have had the opportunity to be involved in some exhilarating auctions. 

    My team are amazing, supportive and inspiring. The training programme is thorough and informative. I have learnt so much about Christie’s and myself, whilst continuing to gain valuable experience day to day working alongside my colleagues.  As part of the apprenticeship programme, I am completing my Level 3 Business Administration Qualification. This involves meeting with my coach on a regular basis and completing monthly assignments. 

    Being part of Christie’s is something I am incredibly proud of; I would highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone wanting to become part of such a well-established, well managed, motivational company!"

  • Emily Crowhurst

    Events Apprentice

    Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

    During sixth form, I decided that going to university wasn’t for me and the idea of an apprenticeship would be better suited for me. I saw the opportunity of an apprenticeship as a good start to get into the working world and they offer first-hand experience of what it is like to work. For me I still wanted to continue my learning and the great thing about apprenticeships is that you complete a qualification while earning, receiving the same benefits as colleagues and gaining the relevant knowledge within the chosen industry.

    Why did you choose Christie’s?

    I chose Christie’s because of the reputation it holds and its global presence. I felt as though Christie’s was a great place due to the opportunities offered here and is a great place to gain experience. I am very appreciative to have been given to opportunity to work within Christies and to begin my career.

    What have you learnt since joining?

    Being at Christie’s you learn so much every day. I enjoy working in the events team as there is always something going on and for me to learn about. Joining them around Frieze week was an especially busy week for the department so I definitely learnt a lot about how they work only within a week of joining them. I have learnt so many new skills since being here and I am sure that I will be learning a lot more within the department throughout the duration of my apprenticeship.

    What do you enjoy about working here?

    Christie’s really is a great place to work, the people here gave the apprentice cohort such a warm welcome. The events team are really great and have been very supportive and have always been happy to help with anything I needed. Christie’s has such a great working environment and is a great first step into the working world for me.