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Overview of Select Charitable Beneficiaries*

All Estate proceeds from the sales will benefit selected charities that Peggy and David supported in their lifetime.

Americas Society/Council of the Americas

David Rockefeller helped to create the Americas Society and the Council of the Americas in the 1960s to foster communication and cooperation within the private sector across North and South America. Building on Nelson Rockefeller’s work during World War II and the powerful impact of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Green Revolution, the Americas Society/Council of the Americas has created a resilient network among all the Western Hemisphere republics and consistently advocated free trade, the rule of law and democratic governance as the foundation for sustainable economic development.

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Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

David Rockefeller joined the CFR in 1941 and served as chair from 1970 to 1985. He worked diligently to increase the institution’s financial resources and to strengthen its intellectual capacity to “speak truth to power.” In recognition of David Rockefeller’s leadership and generosity, the CFR named its flagship Studies Program for him.

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The David Rockefeller Fund

David Rockefeller and his wife Peggy established the David Rockefeller Fund in 1989 to implement their annual charitable giving in communities where they had homes outside New York City. In 2001, David Rockefeller expanded the Fund and invited his family to take a more active role with the goal of eventually transferring its management to them. Today, the Fund’s work is guided by a board of trustees composed largely of Peggy’s and David Rockefeller’s children, grandchildren and their spouses. The Fund provides a high impact learning environment where family members engage in dialogue and grantmaking in three priority areas: arts, environment and criminal justice reform.

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Harvard University

David Rockefeller graduated from the College in 1936 and became one of that venerable institution’s most loyal and generous alumni. He supported the work of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, the Harvard Art Museums and founded the Center for Latin American Studies, among many other gifts during his lifetime. His most important contribution may well be his endowment of the International education program, which provides funds to enable every Harvard undergraduate to have at least one significant international experience during their college years.

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David Rockefeller was elected to the Museum’s board in 1948 after the death of his mother, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. He served on the board for more than forty years and as chair twice. He helped stabilize MoMA’s finances and played a central role in the two dramatic physical and programmatic expansions during the past four decades. His steady leadership has made MoMA the world’s premier museum of Modern and Contemporary art.

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Rockefeller Brothers Fund

One of the five founders of the Fund, David Rockefeller served on the board for more than fifty years. As chair in the 1980s, he guided the transition from the Brothers generation to the Cousins, was instrumental in the professionalization of the fund, and encouraged the expansion of its international grantmaking that stressed multi-lateral approaches to global security and environmental issues. In recent years, he supported the Fund’s peacebuilding work in Egypt.

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Rockefeller University

David Rockefeller joined the board in 1940 and served as chair, in succession to his father, from 1950 to 1975. During his tenure, David Rockefeller oversaw the transition of the old Institute of Medical Research, a group of loosely affiliated scientific laboratories into a centralized graduate university. At the same time, he increased Rockefeller University’s financial resources and expanded its physical plant. These critical initiatives provided the basis for Rockefeller University’s outstanding corps of scientists to lead the revolution in cellular biology and genomics that has transformed biomedical research in recent decades.

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American Farmland Trust

The mission of the American Farmland Trust (AFT) is to save the land that sustains us by protecting farmland threatened by commercial development, promoting sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land. AFT began in 1980, with Peggy Rockefeller as one of its founding members, and David Rockefeller one of its first financial supporters. Through the years, AFT has been a strong advocate for voluntary conservation practices and for programs that preserve and improve soil and water supplies. AFT pioneered the use of conservation easements to protect localities through the U.S. from inappropriate and destructive residential and commercial development.

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Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Together with her husband, Peggy McGrath Rockefeller helped to establish the Trust, which has preserved coastal and interior lands in Maine since the 1970s. The objective is to protect the rugged beauty of the coast as well as to provide outdoor recreational opportunities and to contribute to community well-being. The use of conservation easements and land donations have enabled the Trust to protect more than 150,000 acres in the state, including the entirety of almost three hundred coastal islands.

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The Stone Barns Restoration Corporation – Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

Founded by David Rockefeller in 2001 in memory of his late wife, the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a non-profit organization that seeks to increase public awareness of healthy, seasonal and sustainable food production; to train farmers in resilient and restorative farming techniques; and to educate children and their families about the sources of their food, and to prepare them to steward the land that provides it.

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Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve

The Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve is an organization in which David and Peggy Rockefeller had been deeply interested. Its mission is to preserve, for public enjoyment, the aesthetic and spiritual heritage of certain horticultural and natural landscapes on Mount Desert Island, Maine.


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