Clocks, Marine Chronometers & Barometers

Christie’s has been selling clocks since our first auction in 1766. Renowned collections offered for sale include the Magnificent Clocks from the Nezu Museum (2008) and the Abbott Guggenheim Collection of Renaissance clocks and automata (2015).


Our department has a particularly strong record in selling clocks made for the Asian market, clockmakers such as James Cox and Henry Borrell amongst others, including the world record price for an English made clock at auction.


We also sell the very best clocks on the English market, makers from the ‘Golden Age’ of clockmaking; Thomas Tompion, George Graham, Daniel Quare, the Knibb family and Ahasuerus Fromanteel.


Christie’s holds the overall auction world record for a clock, a masterpiece by Karl Faberge (£8,980,500). Clocks are sold within all of our Decorative Arts auctions and Collection sales with masterworks offered in the selected Exceptional Sales. Recent Private Sales have included the unique Barnard Tompion table clock, via the Acceptance in Lieu scheme, and permanently allocated to the Science Museum Group.