An Aesthetic Odyssey: The Peter Rose and Albert Gallichan Collection

An Aesthetic Odyssey: The Peter Rose and Albert Gallichan Collection

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Peter Rose and Albert Gallichan were pioneering collectors of nineteenth-century fine and decorative arts, this unique collection was a shared passion assembled over the course of a lifetime by the couple from the 1950s onwards. Comprising over 300 lots of decorative arts and paintings spanning the major movements of the later 19th century, the collection has a distinct focus on works by British artists and designers. Academically important and highly regarded, this collection is a unique microcosm of the best of the period. 

The sale is led by The Light of the World, a contemporary studio version of Holman Hunt’s masterpiece, which became one of the most famous images in the world; the prime versions are in public collections and will never come to the market.  

Ensuring that the scholarly legacy of their life’s work lives on for generations to come, proceeds of the sale will go to The Albert Dawson Educational Trust. Established in 2003, using the second names of the two collectors for its title, the trust promotes and supports the study of 19th century English fine and decorative arts. The increased resources raised will be used to develop a more substantial programme of grants and to enable the trust to offer other support from 2022.

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