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Christie’s October Antiquities sale features an exciting selection of works from across the ancient world. Highlighting the sale is an Egyptian Painted Wood Anthropoid Coffin for Pa-Di-Tu-Amun, sold to benefit the Mougins Museum of Classical Art. This life-sized coffin, dating to the Third Intermediate Period (945-889 B.C.), is noteworthy for its remarkable state of preservation and pictorial representations that cover nearly every surface. Also from the Mougins Museum of Classical Art is an Egyptian “Blue” Cosmetic Vessel of Bes, first published in 1698 and perhaps the earliest documented image of Bes in western literature. Other top lots include a remarkable Roman Marble Relief with the Dioscuri, a powerful Roman Marble Torso of the Diadumenos of Polykleitos from the Collection of Roger Thomas, and a large Greek Gold Oak Wreath

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