Event Date16 December 2022 | Live auction 21079

Art d'Asie

Art d'Asie

Sale Overview

The sale presents 196 lots of important Buddhist sculptures, jade carvings, classical and modern Chinese paintings, porcelain, cloisonné enamels, lacquers and furniture. Highlights include an exceptional 16th-17th dynasty gilt-bronze Buddhist triad, an important Indian bronze figure of Shiva Nataraja, dated 15-16th century, both from European private collections, a rare Nepalese gilt-bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni from the 15-16th century from an important German private collection and a 16th century Tibetan gilt-bronze figure of Mahachakravajrapani from a French private collection. This season, we are delighted to offer an important Chinese painting section including 30 classical and modern paintings from a French private collection amassed in the 1970s-80s in France with an exceptional 18th century imperial Shuilu painting by the Prince Zhuang and also a selection of modern paintings from the famous collector Mr Wang Zuo (1921-2010). The sale includes the second part of cloisonné enamelware from the Schroder collection including a rare 15th century ‘lotus’ dish, the Robin Marx (1923-1975) collection of important jades and porcelain featuring a very rare Jiajing red and yellow-enamelled ‘dragon’ jar and a beautiful huanghuali armchair acquired with C.T. Loo in 1972 by a Parisian collector.


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