Event Date20 October 2016 | Live auction 12241

Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds

Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds

Sale Overview

Nearly 200 lots will be offered in our October sale of Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds. Leading the sale is a previously unrecorded folio from the great Mughal text the Hamzanama, known for its fantastic stories and dramatic pictures, painted around 1564. The sale also features a strong scientific section, with important Safavid astrolabes; an unusual Ptolemaic planetary model made for an Afsharid official; and a 17th-century Deccani copy of Kitab al-Hasha’ish – an Arabic translation of Dioscorides’ Herbals – with over 400 illustrations of flora and fauna. Other highlights include a private collection of brilliantly-coloured Iznik pottery, and two early Islamic manuscripts with calligraphy attributed to the master scribe Yaqut al-Mustasimi. 

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