Event Date20 October 2021 | Live auction 20772

Collection Gerard Valkier : A lifetime journey with Art.

Collection Gerard Valkier : A lifetime journey with Art.

Sale Overview

Gerard Valkier’s passion for art has driven his entire life. As a constant traveler, he has been able to explore different areas of artistic creation in order to gather a unique selection of works. From modern masters such as Picasso to contemporary icons like Gormley, the collection offers a fantastic journey with art. With a remarkable interest in post-war Italian art including masterpieces by Fontana, Castellani or Manzoni, Gerard Valkier has been searching for all the different avant-garde gathering beautiful works from the Zero Group, but also some of the most important artists of their generation such as Hantaï, Motherwell, Millares or Uecker. The Gerard Valkier collection will launch the exceptional week of sales in Paris during the FIAC.

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