Event Date26 November 2013 | Live auction 3581

Collection Sébastien et Nancy de la Selle

Collection Sébastien et Nancy de la Selle

Sale Overview

Like the couple who assembled it, the collection of Sébastien and Nancy de la Selle is striking for its international reach. American art icons stand alongside the greatest European artists from France, Scandinavia and especially Germany. Among them, Georg Baselitz, who was first represented in France by Nancy (in her gallery Gillespie-Laage-Salomon), A. R. Penck, Markus Lupertz and Jörg Immendorff. Part of the collection will be sold in the contemporary art auction on 4 & 5 December, while the majority is sold on 26 November. Highlights include many Old Master paintings and drawings inherited from Ms. Albert King, Sébastien’s grandmother. Among the major pieces collected by this American living in Paris who was passionate about art of the 18th century, is an impressive watercolour by Jean-Pierre Houël representing a view of a Roman landscape, and La leçon de danse by Marguerite Gerard, which used to hang in the couple’s dining room.

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