From Beijing to Versailles, the V.W.S. collection

From Beijing to Versailles, the V.W.S. collection

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In 1896, as construction began for a new railway line through Northern Manchuria, Russians flocked to the border town of Harbin. It is to this turn-of-the-century diaspora that the collector’s family belongs, as they first moved to Harbin, then to Shanghai. Inquisitive and cultured, the collector had a gift for languages and quickly met success in business. He arrived in Shanghai in the 1930s and began to collect jade, porcelain and snuff-bottles. The collector’s son also contributed to expanding the collection, acquiring works from renowned English art dealers such as Spink & Son. The collection is marked by the great number of extraordinary white, yellow and pale celadon jades, the imperial quality of which is a testament to the collector’s keen eye and in-depth knowledge of the medium. Having remained in the family since their acquisition, the Chinese objects complement masterpieces of 18th century French decorative arts, as a pair of pedestals by André-Charles Boulle and an imperial secretary cabinet by David Roentgen, all superbly arranged together by Daniel Pasgrimaud, whom the family asked to decorate their house on the Riviera in 1990. Daniel Pasgrimaud produced one of his most beautiful interiors by combining several styles, centuries and continents under one roof.



该家族既有深厚的文化底蘊,又對新事物保持了充分的好奇心。极具語言天賦的男主人很快就在貿易上獲得了巨大成功並開始全面收藏中國玉器、瓷器和鼻煙壺。這批玉器珍藏最令人驚嘆是乾隆白玉及黃玉器物的精美程度及數量,其宮廷品質充分證明了藏家極高的品味和水準。他們的部分藏品亦源自英國著名古董商,例如Spink & Son等。

法國已故著名室内設計大師Daniel Pasgrimaud 1990年在法國藍色海岸為他們量身定做的豪宅完美展示了中國古董及法國精品家具,例如一對安德烈·查爾斯·布勒(André-Charles Boulle)製造的柱座及戴維·倫琴(David Roentgen)製作的皇家書桌。Daniel Pasgrimaud最擅長混搭各類藝術精品,這閒完美融合東西方藝術品的豪宅是他最成功的作品之一。


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