Event Date25 May 2021 | Live auction 20640

Mr Doodle: Caravan Chaos

Hong Kong
Mr Doodle: Caravan Chaos

Sale Overview

“I want to label myself “Mr Doodle” – the person who doodles everywhere.” – Mr Doodle

This Spring, Christie’s will unveil Mr Doodle: Caravan Chaos in Hong Kong, a dedicated live sale of 30 exceptional pieces selected from the artist’s trailblazing, unique site-specific artwork created in 2015. With the artist’s consent, the original caravan is segmented into multiple panels. The iconic works will be offered in a dedicated curated sale format that will highlight Mr Doodle’s earlier works to collectors around the world.

Sam Cox, more commonly known as Mr Doodle, is a young British artist whose works are recognized by his iconic doodle clusters. Born in 1994, Mr Doodle started his artistic career at an early age of 9 with the habit of consuming surfaces with scribbles. Bold and eccentric, his explosive scribbles of quirky characters are seen on many unconventional mediums, including clothing, kitchen counters, walls, subways and many more! Presenting doodling as an art performance beyond the boundaries of a two-dimensional canvas, Mr Doodle is radicalising the way we experience art.


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