Old Master Prints

Old Master Prints

Sale Overview

Weird and wonderful subjects loom large in our December sale, led by an impressive collection of prints assembled by the Maxwell MacDonald family. Sir William Stirling-Maxwell Bt. (1818–1878) was a great art connoisseur, his collection featuring works of exceptional quality and rarity including Nicolaus Beatrizet's formidable Laocoön, circa 1545–1570.

A collection of woodcuts by Albrecht Dürer is also offered, culminating in a superb example of Samson rending the Lion, circa 1497–1498, alongside a first edition impression of the artist's most famous print, The Rhinoceros, 1515. The rare Gothic fantasy La Chimère, before 1771, by Jean-Louis Desprez leads a strong French section, with a first edition copy of Francisco Goya's great Los Desastres de la Guerra, 1810–1820 concluding the sale.

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