Stewards of the West: The Knobloch Collection

Stewards of the West: The Knobloch Collection

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Christie’s is honored to present Stewards of the West: The Knobloch Collection, a dedicated auction of Western American Art in New York on 17 May.

Carl W. Knobloch Jr. (1930-2016) was not only an accomplished businessman, but also devoted to environmental conservation throughout his lifetime. Proceeds from this auction will benefit The Knobloch Family Foundation, which is committed to grantmaking that ensures the conservation of natural ecosystems. The foundation has supported initiatives ranging from the acquisition of acreage for Grand Teton National Park to the conservation of Texas and Georgia land for wildlife species and habitat restoration.

Mirroring his interest in the natural world, The Knobloch Collection is anchored by the most prominent landscape artists of the American West, including Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt.  Thomas Moran is particularly well-represented in the collection with important works such as Passing Shower in the Yellowstone Cañon and Grand Canyon, Colorado River.  The collection also includes depictions of Native American life by George Catlin, Alfred Jacob Miller and Henry F. Farny, as well as masterfully rendered bronzes by Frederic Remington that capture the spirit of the American cowboy.

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