The Magnificent Jewels of Anne Eisenhower

The Magnificent Jewels of Anne Eisenhower

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Christie’s is honored to present The Magnificent Jewels of Anne Eisenhower. Ms. Eisenhower was a collector, philanthropist, an icon of sophistication and refinement, and member of one of the most pre-eminent American families. She was known for her classic aesthetic, designing interiors with whimsical touches that reflected her inner self: impeccably stylish and thoroughly charming, true to her values and creativity.

This stunning assemblage of jewelry from the most important houses demonstrates Ms. Eisenhower’s sophistication and appreciation for both the allure and art of jewelry design. 

The live auction will take place on 7 June, with additional jewels offered from Ms. Eisenhower’s collection to be featured in Christie’s Jewels Online open for bidding from 30 May to 8 June.

Tour information
Los Angeles: 23 March, 2023
Shanghai: 8 – 9 April, 2023
Paris: 20 – 25 April, 2023
Taipei: 22 – 23 April, 2023
Geneva: 14 – 17 May, 2023
Hong Kong: 24 – 27 May, 2023
New York: 2 – 6 June, 2023

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