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The Oliver Hoare Collection

The Oliver Hoare Collection

Sale Overview

The collection of the late Oliver Hoare (1945-2018), highly influential and much loved art dealer who specialised in Islamic art, is to be offered for sale by his family. Oliver Hoare inaugurated Islamic sales at Christie’s in 1975 when working for the auction house almost 50 years ago. Known for celebrating the remarkable stories that objects from many countries and eras could tell and the joy and intrigue that they could bring, Oliver assembled a collection of works of art for his exhibitions under the banner ‘Every Object Tells a Story’. 

The sale will include works of art from all over the globe, ancient and modern. On visiting his gallery, the visitor might see the Lips sofa from Studio 65 inspired by Salvador Dali alongside a MAN RAY lithograph, tribal art and Islamic manuscripts. The walls were book-lined, the atmosphere congenial, the art on the walls and in cabinets just waiting to be discussed and admired.  

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