How to sell at Christie
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Selling privately

Christie’s Private Sales is a service for selling fine art and objects outside of the auction room. We use our global specialist network to connect buyers and sellers and broker sales between them. It’s a discreet, bespoke service which offers plenty of flexibility — for example, perhaps the regular auction calendar doesn’t suit your schedule, or you'd like to sell an item without the public platform of an auction.

Although we call it ‘private sales’, it’s not always strictly so. We display some works publicly on our website — all available for immediate purchase — and host regular selling exhibitions that anyone can visit.
Private Sales
How to sell at Christie's

Find out what your item is worth

If you’re interested in selling your item privately, the first step is to get in touch with one of our specialist departments for a valuation. All private sale enquiries are treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

When evaluating a work of art, we typically request clear, colour images of the front and back, and a close-up of the signature or maker’s mark, details such as dimensions and materials, any information about the history of the item including when, where and how it was acquired as well as electronic copies of any appraisals, literature related to the item, or certificates of authenticity, if available.

How to sell at Christie's

A bespoke selling service

After our specialists examine and appraise your item, they will work with you to develop a personalised sale strategy that will be the most beneficial for your specific needs. This is based on their unique market access and global insights. Your item can be displayed on our website for immediate purchase, offered in one of our selling exhibitions, or remain a completely private transaction.

Once a sale strategy is agreed, we'll then enlist our maximum resources to quickly find the right buyer for your item.

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