Interested in selling at Christie’s?

The first step to selling at Christie’s is to submit images and information to our complimentary auction estimate service.

Complimentary auction estimates will be provided for items that Christie’s has a category of sale and that meet our minimum consignment value.

Please have the following information available:

  • Clear, colour images of the front and back, and a close-up of the signature or maker’s mark
  • Details such as dimensions and materials
  • Any information about the history of the item including when, where and how it was acquired
  • Electronic copies of any appraisals, literature related to the item, or certificates of authenticity, if available

Please note:

  • Christie’s will review up to 6 items
  • We regret that we do not provide auction estimates or sale information for items that are of a type or value that are typically not sold in Christie’s auctions
  • All estimates are provisional and subject to revision on examination by a specialist
  • Photographs and other materials sent to us by post will not be returned
  • Never send property to us for review
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response

Get started

Should you need assistance please contact Christie’s Client Service