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Chassis No. LSKP1
Engine No. SP 1K
Shell grey with scarlet Connolly hides

Engine: V8, pushrod operated, overhead valve, 6,230cc; Gearbox: four speed automatic; Brakes: front, hydraulic and mechanical rear with servo; Suspension: front, independent coil; rear, semi-elliptic leaf springs. Left hand drive.

The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III was the last of its series and, indeed, the last production Rolls-Royce to retain a conventional chassis prior to the introduction of the Silver Shadow in 1966. The car had the same basic V8 engine as the Silver Cloud II although by now all of the earlier problems encountered on the V8 had been smoothed out. Horsepower was boosted by 7 due to higher compression and larger carburetors, enabling these cars to attain a top speed of 155mph. The magic 0-60mph time came up to 10.8 seconds, no mean achievement for such a large motor car, whilst driving was made even easier due to better power steering. The distinguishing feature of the third Series cars was a 1 inch lower radiator which required a slightly sloping hood line and the introduction of four front headlamps.

The third and final series of the Cloud first appeared in the fall of 1962 and continued in production until September 1965. In total just over 2,000 examples (and 253 with a longwheel base) were produced. LSKP 1 is the first of the K series cars produced which was the last series for the Silver Cloud III and therefore had all the latest improvements incorporated.

This remarkably original example has covered under 15,000 miles from new. The history of the vehicle is as follows; it was first owned by Mr. Russell B. Day from Gates Mills, Ohio. Mr. Day was an attorney who maintained the Silver Cloud III to the highest degree. We suspect the car was kept fully garaged and only used on fine weekends and for short journeys. In 1970 Mr. Day sold the car to Mr. Gary Olin who was the General Manager of the Rolls-Royce division of Qua Buick Inc. Mr. Olin hardly used the car and in February 1972 wrote to Mr. Day: I have not used the machine for fear of destroying some part of your many hours of meticulous care. Thus, all of my enjoyment has been derived simply from ownership and not usage. He then prodceeded to inform Mr. Day that with regret he had in fact decided to sell the car on to Mr. Joseph Hrudka, who owned the Mr. Gasket Company. His letter continues; His interest in automobiles goes back to his early childhood and his desire to own the nicest Silver Cloud III in the United States has been most intensive during the past several years. As nice as his Silver Cloud was, he was not satisfied with second best. His intentions for your Silver Cloud III include a continuation of your efforts as nearly as is humanly possible. He has the time, the talent and resources to do just that for a long period of time.

Mr. Hrudka, purchased the car in May 1972, and clearly did indeed live up to his intentions keeping the car in the same fine condition. In fact on file there is a copy of a duplicate Certificate of title dated April 1977 and we believe Mr. Hrudka may not have used the car in the intervening period. It is well known that Mr. Hrudka only collected vehicles in excellent condition. In June 1980, Mr. Rosenblatt managed to acquire this superb vehicle for his own collection. Once again he continued the tradition of minimal use and extreme care.

As one would expect for a vehicle of such low milage and cosseted ownership this Silver Cloud III is in outstanding original condition. The only blemishes of any note we could find were a few minor cosmetic spots in the paintwork, some very slight paint crazing in the lower sill area and some slight discoloration to the rear window cloth. It comes with a full compliment of tools and the original owners handbook. Of particular note is that in December 1994, a very similiar low mileage vehicle (LSKP21) fetched $96,000 at auction. Without doubt this has to be one of the very best examples extant.


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