A bronze figure of Treton Tsewang Tsultrim
A bronze figure of Treton Tsewang Tsultrim


A bronze figure of Treton Tsewang Tsultrim
Tibet, Bon, 17th century
The Bonpo lama seated in bhumisparshamudra over a double-lotus base and holding a Vase of Amrita in his lap, wearing multiple robes with incised borders, the face with silver-inlaid eyes topped by a lotus hat with ten petals, the base sealed with an incised yungdrung
4¾ in. (12 cm.) high
Private collection of Sjoerd de Vries, since 1999
Onno Janssens Collection, Netherlands, acquired in 2001
Himalayan Art Resources, www.himalayanart.org, item no. 66766

Lot Essay

This image of Treton Tsewang Tsultrim shows him as a Bon teacher wearing the traditional lotus hat of a Bon monastic scholar, an symbol of his rank as a fully ordained monk "drangsong." The hats typically have four, six, eight or ten petals when depicted in sculpture. On the verso, the inscription in Tibetan script translates to "Homage to Treton Tsewang Tsultrim!"

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