BADA SHANREN (1626-1705)
Hanging scroll, ink on paper
150 x 42.5 cm. (59 x 16 ¾ in.)
Inscribed and signed, with three seals of the artist
Dated spring, guiwei year (1703)
Lot 66, 31 May 1989, Fine Chinese Paintings, Sotheby’s, New York.
Lot 978, 26 May 2014, Fine Chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy, Christie’s Hong Kong.
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Sale room notice
Please note that Lot 882 has additional literature as below:
The Art World, No. 19 – Bada Shanren, People Fine Art Publishing House, Shanghai, January 1983, p.42.
Hu Guanghua ed., Great Painters of the Ming and Qing Dynasties: Bada Shanren, Jilin Fine Art Publishing House, Jilin, 1997, p.211.
Zhu Liangzhi ed., The Art and Life of Bada Shanren, Anhui Literature and Art Publishing House, Anhui, January 2020, p.385.
請注意:Lot 882 另有著錄如下:
《藝苑掇英第19期 - 八大專輯》,上海人民美術出版社,上海,1983年1月,第42頁。
胡光華,《明清中國畫大師研究叢書:八大山人》,吉林美術出版社,吉林, 1997年,第211頁。

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