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"I AC DNO D. Francisco Mariae de Monte S.R.E. amplissimo. Herculis aerumnas maximas maximo Cardinali dicare conuenit. Rome, 1608". Etched dedication and 12 etched plates after Tempesta. Bartsch 788[1]-799. [Bound with the following:]

Les divers animaux ferose du Tempeste. Huart excudit. Le Tempeste inventor.. [No place, no date]. Etched title and 24 plates after Tempesta. Bartsch 916-917, 919-920, 922-940, one plate similar to Bartsch 918.

Venationes ferarum, auium, piscium pugnae bestiarum. Rome: 1605. Etched title and 29 plates after Tempesta. Bartsch 1075 (title dated 1602 in Bartsch) -1082, 1084-1104, one plate similar to Bartsch 1083.

"Al molto et patron mio Colendis. Il Sig.r Neri Dragomani ... Roma ... 1598". Etched dedication and 15 plates after Tempesta. Bartsch 1106[1]-1120.

"Ill.ri D.D. Nerio Dragomanno. Ista mei monumenta animi humanissime neri 1595". Etched dedication and 11 plates after Tempesta. Bartsch 1015-1026, 1034.

Secondo libro di caccie varie. Rome: Andrea Vaccario, [no date]. Etched title and 13 plates after Tempesta. Bartsch 1029-1033, 1035-1044, 1053-58.

" et d. Ioanni Antonio Ursino, sancti Gemini duci Andreas Vaccarius formis Romae, 1605". Etched dedication and 16 plates after Tempesta. Bartsch 1045-1051.

" et S. ETPDne Cmo Mor Cerasio Tes Ge'Dis.Sta Il primo libbro di chasse Roma per Andrea Vaccario", [no date]. Etched dedication and 15 plates after Tempesta. Bartsch 1028, 1052, 1059-1065, 1068-74.

[No title or dedication]. 19 etched plates after Tempesta, including 12 scences from the creation. Bartsch 2-13.

All bound in one volume, small oblong 4° (125 x 184mm), plates as described above (all cut down and mounted, some borders cropped or lightly soiled, a few spots and light stains), 17th-century calf (spine worn, extremities rubbed and scuffed). Provenance: Thomas Ashby (bookplate).

Antonio Tempesta (c.1555-1630) was "the first professional printmaker to introduce original etchings of landscapes, battles, animals, hunting scenes and grotesques to the Roman public". One of the most renowned artists in Rome in the first quarter of the 17th century, his compositions and technical innovations were copied and imitated by artists and artisans all over Europe (see The Illustrated Bartsch pp. 1-4). The 154 plates in this album are taken from Labors of Hercules, Battling Animals, Hunting Scenes, Diverse Animal Hunting and Battle Scenes and other works. Sold as an album not subject to return.
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