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A surveying instrument, unsigned, made up of an 18th-Century coloured paper compass card with fine iron needle, gilded brass base, the glass securing ring of gilded brass, with scale divided in two quadrants, with circumferentor-type top with four fixed sights and rotating hinged alidade, on hinged staff mounting -- 4½in. (10.5cm.) dia., 55/8in. (14.3cm.) high; an unusual oxidised-brass spherical French cross, unsigned, contained in a fruitwood case, the lid with trade label for J.B. Tibaut Desimpelaere Bruxelles -- 43/8in. (11cm.) wide; another cylindrical French cross, unsigned -- 5¾in. (14.5cm.) high; and a mid 19th-Century surveying or miner's compass, signed on the coloured printed paper card Par V. Michaut Delacroix. Deposé 1847, and further inscribed a Paris chez Vr. Longuet, Rue des Coquilles, 2., the card decorated with a sunburst and face, with line of variation at 22° 30' west, with white metal compass circle, the needle with agate cap and clamp, mounted in a walnut case with sliding cover, and fitted with a sighting tube of rectangular section with pin-hole and wire sights, on brass staff mounting with ball-joint -- 7in. (17.8cm.) wide See Illustration (part lot) (4)

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