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KLINGER, Johann Georg  MESSIER, Charles, Nuremburg, 1805
KLINGER, Johann Georg MESSIER, Charles, Nuremburg, 1805

KLINGER, Johann Georg MESSIER, Charles, Nuremburg, 1805 GLOBUS COELESTIS Cuius pofitio ftellarum adaum 1800. reducta est per Mr MESSIER. Aftronom. Acad. fcient. &c. &c. additis novis afterifmis qu debemas Clariff. Abba ti HELL Impen Aftronomen primario, with two further cartouches reading Ioh: Georg: Klinger fecit Norimberg 1805. and Venalis proftat apud Joh: Georg Klinger Norimberg. 1805. A fine 12-inch (30.5cm.) diameter celestial table globe made up of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores and two polar calottes laid to the ecliptic poles, the equatorial graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days of the houses of the Zodiac with symbols, a cartouche reading Stellis ab HERSCHELIO detectis non nullas iam cognitas adiecit I.B. Bauer Mechanicus Norimbergens, the constellations depicted by mythical beasts, figures and scientific instruments and delicately hand-coloured with several shades and labelled in Latin, the stars to six ordes of magnitude, with nebulae, and labelled with Greek letters, a note next to Andromeda reading Gloria Frederici IIdi Regis Borussorum (some old surface abrasions and rubbing), the axis through the celestial poles, with engraved brass meridian circle and hour dial, the octagonal oak horizon with delicately hand-coloured engraved paper ring showing decorative pictorial representations of the houses of the Zodiac, days of the month and graduations in degrees, with wind directions in German and a decorative depiction of a scientific instrument at each corner (some old rubbing) raised on four square section and slightly curved and tapering legs united by concave square baseplate with meridian support -- 22in. (55.9cm.) high See Colour Illustration and Detail

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