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NEWTON, Son & BERRY, London, 1836/1838
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NEWTON, Son & BERRY, London, 1836/1838

NEWTON, Son & BERRY, London, 1836/1838
A fine pair of 18-inch (45.7cm.) diameter library globes, the terrestrial NEWTON'S New and Improved TERRESTRIAL GLOBE Accurately delineated from the observations of the most esteemed NAVIGATORS AND TRAVELLERS to the Present Time Manufactured by NEWTON, SON & BERRY, Chancery Lane London Published 1st January 1836, made up of two sets of twenty-four coloured engraved gores, the equatorial graduated in degrees, hours and minutes, the Greenwich Meridian ungraduated, the meridian at 50°W graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days of the houses of the Zodiac with sigils, the oceans with an analemma, the antipodes of London and the tracks of Cook, Gore, Biscoe and Clerke, with notes such as Maelstrom, Saw a tropic bird, Saw a Shag, Seaweed and Divers, An Ice Island Seen No Ice Seen and numerous others, further with dates and other unrelated notes such as Shoal 1826, Shoal acc. to Ansons chart and others, the Antarctic showing the South Shetland Islands and Graham Land, some stretches of Field Ice and ENDERBY'S LAND Covered with Snow March 1831, the continents with nation states shaded in pale and darker yellow and finely detailed, showing rivers, mountains, deserts, towns and cities, the northern shores around the Artic with various notes regarding exploration by Lieutenant Anjou, Captain Franklin, Captain Parry and others, Africa with caravan routes shownNorth America with numerous native territories labelled, California labelled NEW ALBION, Alaska labelled RUSSIAN AMERICA (numerous small cracks to paper, several poorly executed repairs and areas of redrawing and painting around the equator); the celestial NEWTON'S New and Improved CELESTIAL GLOBE On which all the Stars, Nebulae and Clusters contained in the extensive Catalogue of the late F. Wollaston, F.R.S. are accurately laid down, their Right Ascensions and Declinations having been recalculated for the year 1830 by W. Newton Manufactured by Newton, Son & Berry, 66 Chancery Lane, London. London . Published Feby 2nd 1838 ENGRAVED BY T. STARLING Wilmington Square, made up of two sets of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores laid to the celestial poles, the equatorial graduated in degrees, hours and minutes, the colures graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days of the houses of the Zodiac and sigils, each labelled 1 Sign, 2 Signs and so on, with twilight zone, with the Circle of Perpetual Occultation at London and Circle of Perpetual Apparition at London, the Tropic of Capricorn with a note The Tropical Lines are here represented in compliance with custom although unnecessary upon the Celestial Globes, the Tropics being circles generated upon the Earths surface by the vertical Sun at the time of the Solstices, the stars to seven orders of magnitude with nebulae and clusters, some labelled with numbers and Greek characters, some also named, some with notes such as nova 1669 missing 1672, variable 5 to 0 396 days, the constellations depicted by mythical beasts and figures and scientific instruments (various scratches and cracks with some minor paper loss); both spheres with brass meridian circle and an hour dial at each pole, the engraved paper horizon graduated in degrees of altitude and azimuth, with compass directions, a diagrammatic depiction of the Sun's apparent path through the houses of the Zodiac, days of the houses of the Zodiac and of the month, and details of the clock's minutes before or after the Sun, both signed Published 1 Jany 1836 by NEWTON's & BERRY Chancery Lane LONDON (the terrestrial with similarly poor restoration in a few places; the celestial with some scratches and minor cracking), raised on four mahogany quadrant supports to three inswept legs terminating in castors -- 43½in. (110.4cm.) high

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