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Red laced gold-lacquered Yokohagi nimai-do gusoku (armor)
Red laced gold-lacquered Yokohagi nimai-do gusoku (armor)


Red laced gold-lacquered Yokohagi nimai-do gusoku (armor)
Edo period (18th century)
Comprising a 32-plate black-lacquered iron sujibachi (ridged bowl) helmet, four-tiered hachimanza (decorative surround to aperture in crown), broad mabisashi (brim) with gilt fukurin (edging), gilt kuwagata dai (stylized horns fixture) engraved with chrysanthemum leaves on a nanako ("fish roe") ground and applied blossoms, gilt kuwagata maedate (forecrest) of a gilt-wood poised shishi (leonine creature), five-tier manju-jikoro (neck guard) of kittsukezane (sheet simulating laced scales) with small fukigaeshi (turn-backs) with Shonai katabami (wood sorrel) mon (clan badge), russet iron menpo (face mask) with chin tuft and moustache of boar bristle, detachable nose, three-tier yodarekake (bib) of kittsukezane, gold-lacquered yoko-hagi nimai-do (two-piece cuirass formed of horizontal iron plates) with kittsukezane at both lower part and munaita (breast section), with applied Shonai katabami mon, kusazuri (skirt) of seven tassets each of five tiers of kittsukezane, ko-shinogote (small splint sleeves), seven-tier kebiki-odoshi sode (close-laced shoulder guards), four-tier Iyo haidate (thigh guards), six-splint shino suneate (lower leg guards), overall gold-lacquered iron on blue silk brocade laced with red kebiki-odoshi silk braid

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