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S. J. Mitchell, Blackburn
A collection of early film negatives and positives by S. J. Mitchell/Mitchell & Kenyon, the majority being negatives in metal film tins and boxes, the latter with manuscript abbreviated title and negative number on the outside; two empty film boxes titled Wrestle and Slum May
John Barnes (1992), Filming the Boer War, p. 12-13.

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Film negative in metal tin and box
Poisoning the Well
Compo's Tea Party
Whole Stole the Bike [two reels]
The Despatch Bearer
Our King and Queen, God Bless 'em
The Sporting Colliers and the Bobby
Putting him on the black list [in three reels]
Chasing De Wet
The Fisherman
Rival Snow Shovellers
The Interrupted Picnic
Tommy's Last Shot
Through the Enemy Lines
Cool Proceedings
Surprise of a Boer Camp
Sneaky Boer
Swimmers, No Bathing Allowed
Saved by a Woman
A Standing Joke
The Rival Lovers
May Day in the Slums
The Snowman
Mrs Camp's Mishap
Hands off the Flag
Clever Correspondent
Happy Mrs Grunt/Pigs
Winning the V.C.
A Slippery Job
The Mad Barber
The Kidnappers
[?] The Distinguished Gentleman

Film Negative in box only
Champion lady boxers
[?] Nursess Brother
Shelling Red Coats

Film Negative in tin only
Mick and Mike find the Hidden Treasure
The Lonely Father
Women Take Warning
Lady Boxers to the Rescue
Poacher [8 reels]
Just Like a Woman
A Lively Fish
Lost Palace [3 reels]

Postive Film in tins
North Wales
Isle of Man
Rough on the Collector

Titles in both Negative and Positive Film
(100 Reward. Lost, Diving Lucy
The Tramp Cyclist
Off for the Honeymoon [2 reels]
Village Derby
Monkey's Merry Morning

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