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SCRIPT FOR SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE, 1961 Script for Something's Got To Give. Screenplay by Nunnally Johnson. Revised Screenplay, February 12, 1962. Mimeograph title page, 108 pages script (printed on rectos only), with 34 pages printed on blue paper representing changes to the script. Bound in light blue paper wrappers with Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation logo, title on spine (small tears, small stains and light soiling to covers, spine chipped). An intermediate stage of the script, before final scenes were added, and differing in many places from the final text. MARILYN MONROE'S COPY, with numerous annotations and notes in ink (and, in a few cases, pencil) on the title page and 32 pages of the script, the annotation very heavy on about 12 pages, referring to lines, the characters, the blocking, commenting on the charaters and their motivations, etc. On title: "We've got a dog here - so we've got to look for impacts in a different way, or as Mr. Johnson says, the situation." On page 7, which is very heavily annotated, Monroe queries Bianca's use of the term "psychosomatic":"would she come right out with this sort of thing? I feel a hint of what she's getting to would be more real"; at another point, Monroe asks: "How can she say this at this point - too early? Gives away what she will be saying later...No! she is not a Nut but a cold Hard dame!...Maybe she could also be one of these 'practical' types - a bookkeeper at heart." On page 7a, Monroe comments on lines of the judge: "This is funny?" On page 12, heavily annotated, Monroe comments, "Ellen is no longer Irene Dune [the actress, Irene Dunne]- and the only people on earth I get on well with is [sic] men so lets have some fun with this opening scene on Ellen plus impact for the picture." On page 23, remarking on Bianca's taking Nick's hand, Monroe writes: "Let's remember she is frigid - We all know what Kinsey found out about most females. This has got to be one in one way or another." On verso of the last page are pencilled notes referring to the character Dr. Schlick, who has a German accent: "Alex Guinness/Oh goodness/on/vot - what/I am so merry." With a loose final page from a shooting script with bold ink notes about Schlick's accent: "Escuse me, plees...good Gude french u/Dat isgude/Dis is cross between D and TH."

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