(42) (lot) " /> A group of plate cancellation proofs (42) comprising Canada, Molsons Bank, 1922 issue, 5, 10-Dollars, face and back, La Banque Nationale, 1922 issue, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100-Dollars, face and back, Standard Bank of Canada, 1924 issue, 10, 50-Dollars, face and back of the first, back only of the last, Sterling Bank of Canada, 1921 issue, 10-Dollars, face and back, Banque Provinciale du Canada, 1935 issue, 5, 10-Dollars, two faces, two backs, Royal Bank of Canada, 1935 issue, 5, 10, 20-Dollars, two faces, two backs of the first two, face and back of the last, 1943 issue, 5-Dollars, face only, and Brazil, Republica dos Estados Unidos do Brasil, 500-Cruzeiros (P-164), face and back, all without tints, <I>most with red "X" cancellation, and notations across, several with soiling or other defects, most extremely fine or better</I> (42) (lot) | Christie's