Charles Coypel (1694-1752)
Charles Coypel (1694-1752)

Joseph recognised by his Brethren

Charles Coypel (1694-1752)
Joseph recognised by his Brethren
with inscription 'Coypel' on the mount
black chalk, pen and brown ink, brown wash, watercolor, bodycolor heightened with white, squared in pen and brown ink
9¾ x 12.5/8 in. (247 x 321 mm.)
Possibly Marquis de Ménars; Paris, February 1782.
T. Lefranois, Charles Coypel, Paris, 1994, no. D77 and possibly D113.


Related to two paintings of the same subject painted in 1725 and 1740, T. Lefranois, op. cit., nos. P54 and P195. A version for the earlier picture was exhibited at the Salon of 1725. The picture, now lost, is known through a larger version in the Musée Ochier in Cluny, France, which was used for a tapestry woven between 1727 and 1729 at the Gobelins, T. Lefranois, op. cit., no. P64.
The inscription on the later picture, in a private collection in New York, 'Peint pour la seconde fois par Charles Coypel avec beaucoup de changements 1740', explains that Coypel aimed to improve his composition in the second version of the subject. The 1740 picture was exhibited at the Salon in 1741 where it was praised by critics, T. Lefranois, op. cit., pp. 310-2.
The drawing was probably executed between 1725 and 1740, taking most elements from the first version, but with the addition of changes to be found in the second, such as the architectural surround and the slightly elevated central figures.