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Christie's, the leader in Latin American Art, features the most exciting art from colonial, modernist, surrealist, and contemporary masters who have helped shape the artistic landscape throughout the Americas.

Remarkable works from prolific modernists such as Rufino Tamayo, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Dr. Atl, and Alfredo Ramos Martínez have broken records at Christie's and figure prominently in the Latin American auctions. Profoundly influential artists such as Wifredo Lam, Matta, Candido Portinari, and Emiliano di Cavalcanti have been represented by compelling works that confirm their preeminent status in this category. Surrealists Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo, Gunther Gerzso, and Wolfgang Paalen, as well as rare gems from artists that have defined particular turning points in the history of Latin America's visual arts such as Mathias Goeritz, Julio Le Parc, Hélio Oiticica, and Jesús Rafael Soto, have historically been offered. Contemporary masterpieces by Fernando Botero, Claudio Bravo and Tomás Sánchez, always highlights of the auction season, have consistently been part of these vibrant sales.

Christie's maintains the world auction record for Latin American Art with Rufino Tamayo's Trovador, which achieved $7.2 million in May 2008 and holds numerous other world auction records including: $1.4 million for Tarsila do Amaral’s Abaporu (November 1995); $886,000 for Emiliano di Cavalcanti’s Mulher Deitada com Peixes e Frutas (November 2000) and $752,500 for Sonhos do carnival (May 2011); records for all media by Fernando Botero including $2,032,00 for The Musicians (May 2006), $1,609,000 for Mujer fumando (November 2007), and $734,400 for Menina (after Velázquez) (May 2007); $4,072,000 for Flowers of Mexico by Alfredo Ramos Martínez (May 2007); $457,000 for Pedro Coronel's La guerra florida, (May 2008); works by international contemporary artists such as Julio Le Parc’s Seuil de Perception, Continuel-lumiére-mobile which achieved $506,500 (November 2010); Jesús Rafael Soto’s Un trou sur l’orange, for $758,500 (May 2010); as well as $362,500 for Hélio Oiticica's Metasquema (Dois brancos) (November 2010). Christie's also holds the world records for Leonora Carrington's masterpiece The Giantess, 1947 which sold for $1,482,500 (May 2009); $1,142,500 for José Clemente Orozco’s The City (May 2010); and Miguel Covarrubias’s Offering of Fruits for the Temple which achieved $1,022,500 (May 2011). The rediscovered Fuego en el batey by modernist Mario Carreño achieved an exceptional price at auction selling at $2,188,100 (May 2009).







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