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Who we are

Art, clients and expertise are the three pillars on which Christie’s is built. The art is at the centre of everything we do here. We believe that access to beautiful and special objects is an important part of people’s personal and cultural life. Founded in 18th-century London, today we are a global art business. We have salerooms located in major cultural cities around the world and a digital platform that invites an expanding network of people to participate in what we do — and to enjoy the art.

Serving our clients is our major ambition. We cherish the role that we have earned as cultural stewards of the objects that pass through our hands. The depth of our experience spans time, geographies and tastes. Through our close relationships with our clients – be they collectors, art academics, institutions or art enthusiasts – we are privileged to share with them the love of art and the excitement of curation, exhibitions and sales.

Expertise is our main asset. Whichever area they work in or role they have in the company our people have to be experts in their field.

Therefore, our company values are based around passionate expertise, exceptional customer service, business judgement, integrity, respect, teamwork and innovation.

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Working at Christie’s

  • Nell Plumfield

    Head of Facilities, New York

    Working at Christie’s has given me the occasion to collaborate with many talented departments to prepare for each of our wonderful exhibitions. My time here has been marked with professional highlights that emphasize the exciting and unique market in which we work. I also have opportunities to evolve my career with the company as we embark on each season.”

  • Kristen France

    VP, Specialist, Head of Online Sales

    Truly, it is the people that make Christie’s a fantastic place to work. I am constantly inspired by the talent and passion that I see in colleagues across the board. Beyond that, the incredible sense of teamwork and support I encounter at Christie’s on a day to day basis is invigorating. Sure, we celebrate and revel in our successes, but we also know how to lift each other up and help navigate through the challenging times. In my many years at Christie’s, I have witnessed some really amazing moments when teams come together and make magic happen. When people love what they do, and care, it shows.”

  • Shaun Desiderio

    AVP, Art Finance

    I’ve had the pleasure of working in a variety of departments throughout Christie’s and have been continually surrounded by the most brilliant, passionate, and inventive colleagues – a testament not only to the strength of our global team but also to Christie’s focus on growth and development.”

  • Dirk Boll

    Deputy Chairman, 20th and 21st Century Art

    Christie’s is a great place to work. I admire the culture and tradition, the global reach and technical innovation. Above all, I love the people and great artworks I get to spend my time with.”

  • Edmund Bernard

    Business Development Manager, London

    It’s a huge privilege to come in every day and see some of the most amazing art in the world, to work on the most prestigious collections, and to learn from market leaders. Christie’s is a fascinating workplace, steeped in tradition but constantly evolving, meaning it’s a great arena for developing in all sorts of directions.”

  • Kerri Tinucci

    Logistics Operations Analyst, New York

    Christie’s offers an engaging workplace that supports consistent personal and professional development through access to unparalleled first-class artworks and collaboration with the most experienced art professionals in the field.”

  • Alice Speranza

    Senior Insight Analyst

    As part of the Insights team, I use data to tell stories about people’s relationship with art, uncovering trends and insights that support business decision-making and spark new ideas. I love that my job gives me the opportunity to work across a broad range of projects and to partner with colleagues from different teams, departments and countries – all of them sharing the same curiosity, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and expertise.”

  • Lillyane Murphy

    Client Strategy Analyst

    Being surrounded by some of the world’s best works of art and collections is always an incredible experience and offers the chance to continuously work on new, compelling projects. Working closely with many talented teams and amazing colleagues across the global business, each sale season is an exciting, collective drive to support the selling of our sales, engage with our clients and continue leading the market.”

Christie’s values

Work to achieve honesty and transparency to uphold the highest standards of personal and professional trust in all aspects of Christie’s business

Business Judgment
Make decisions and act in a way that promotes efficient use of resources and long-term profits, enhancing Christie’s position as the world’s leading art business.

Exceptional Client Service
Use creativity and expertise to create exceptional service experiences and build trusting, long-term relationships with clients, whether internal or external.

Work collaboratively with others to accomplish company-wide and departmental goals, respecting and communicating openly with employees at all levels.

Passionate Expertise
Demonstrate enthusiasm and expertise for one’s job, in accordance with Christie's mission, tradition and culture.

Demonstrate a commitment and enthusiasm for improving the way in which Christie's does business.

Treat colleagues, third parties, suppliers, and partners with professionalism, dignity and respect, fostering an environment where diversity of thought and background is welcomed, and everyone can contribute to make Christie’s the best employer in the art market.

Culture and environment

Fast Paced
Despite our long and proud history of 250 years, we are by no means stuck in the past; we are a deadline driven business, and things are constantly changing.

Christie’s was the first auction house to allow online bidding, and the first Western auction house to be granted a licence to trade in China. Innovation is key to our success.

We are large enough to offer opportunities to our employees, but small enough for individuals to make a real impact.

Even if you walk through the door on your first day not being interested in art, we can guarantee that will change once you are surrounded by amazing art and objects.

Respect at work

Christie’s aims to uphold best practices to ensure that our colleagues worldwide enjoy a safe, healthy and creative work environment. We believe that the dignity of every person must be respected. It is the responsibility of every employee, regardless of seniority, to ensure his or her own conduct conforms to this standard. We strongly encourage any individual to immediately report workplace behaviour that does not conform to our stated policies aimed at ensuring a working environment which is free from harassment and unlawful discrimination.

Christie’s benefits

Art + Soul: Global Day of Service

We offer all our employees worldwide one day of additional annual leave to ‘give back’ to the community via our CSR programme, Art + Soul.

Tailored benefits to meet your needs

As an important part of Christie’s total reward package we are committed to providing our employees with a wide range of benefits designed to meet different needs and lifestyles.

U.K. Pension and Life Assurance Scheme Implementation Statement

U.K. Pension and Life Assurance Scheme Statement of Investment Principles

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Note: When we recruit, we process candidates’ personal data for the purposes set out in our Recruitment Privacy Notice.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Art is central to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme and it constitutes the prism through which we consider our activities vis-à-vis the workplace, community, and environment.

We believe in the power of art in society and we endeavour to use our position in the art market as a positive force. To that end, Christie’s strives to manage our people and practices responsibly in order to leave a positive, enduring impact on society, and to enhance the communities in which we live and work through cultural stewardship and arts advocacy.