Asian 20th Century Art (Day Sale)

Asian 20th Century Art (Day Sale)

Sale Overview

Total: HK$131,500,000 / RMB105,173,700 / NT$529,892,400

"To date, the sale was one of the strongest showings we have had for Asian art across geographies, from Southeast to North Asia. Japanese Gutai works from Asian’s first avant-garde movement and Korean artists had exceptional results. In addition, since its inclusion in this category three years ago, Southeast Asian works have also grown from strength to strength and have truly expanded beyond their geographic boundaries to gain acceptance from a wider audience. 20th century Chinese masters like Sanyu continue to be highly sought after. It is encouraging to see that great Asian art continues to resonate with art lovers everywhere, with interest growing among a younger generation of collectors,” said Eric Chang, Deputy Chairman of Christie's Asia and International Director of Christie’s Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art Department.

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