Event Date30 May 2023 | Live auction 22646

The Imperial Palette - Three Qianlong Treasures

Hong Kong
The Imperial Palette - Three Qianlong Treasures

Sale Overview

This Spring, Christie’s Hong Kong is honoured to present three masterpieces of Imperial porcelain dating to the reign of the most revered Emperor of the Qing Dynasty – The Qianlong Emperor, showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship achieved by the Imperial kilns at the height of the Great Qing Empire. These three masterpieces truly encapsulate the creativity and vision of this remarkable period in the history of art in China.  The simulated ‘gold and turquoise-inlaid bronze’ hat stand embodies the creative genius of the ceramic decorators while the yangcai revolving vase exemplifies the integration of numerous remarkable domestic and Western decorative techniques.  Leading the sale is the doucai ‘dragon’ moonflask, a technical feat in itself - its striking and bold decoration carries an important message, the Imperial succession plan from Emperor Qianlong to Yongyan, the later Emperor Jiaqing.

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