Line Vautrin, a Parisian Chic: A selection of mirrors and boxes

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Christie’s is proud to present Line Vautrin, a Parisian Chic - A selection of mirrors and boxes, a private selling exhibition dedicated to the charming and poetic works of art by Line Vautrin. The exhibition will showcase a variety of the artist’s mirrors and boxes, demonstrating her delightful style.   

Line Vautrin (1913-1997) was a pioneering French designer renowned for her innovative and whimsical creations in jewelry and decorative arts. Trained in metalwork by her father, she opened her first shop in Paris at 21. Vautrin's work is distinguished by her inventive use of materials, particularly her development of "Talosel," an elaborate cellulose acetate, which she used to craft her iconic mirrors and decorative objects. Her designs often feature whimsical motifs inspired by mythology, literature, and everyday life, characterized by intricate detail and a narrative quality. Though underappreciated during much of her career, Vautrin's work has seen a resurgence, celebrated for its originality and craftsmanship. Today, her pieces are highly sought after by collectors and displayed in prestigious museums, ensuring her legacy endures in the world of design.

The pieces will be on view at Christie’s Paris by appointment. 

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