Trusts, Estates & Appraisals  (Americas)

Christie’s Trusts, Estates & Appraisals team provides the highest level of service to fiduciaries, executors and beneficiaries seeking assistance with the valuation and disposition of tangible personal property. Our team members can provide expertise with a range of appraisal services as well as assist with sale and marketing recommendations for both auction and private sale. We will act as a trusted partner and primary point of contact for all of your art-related needs.

Our team is committed to ensuring exceptional client service at every step in the process and can tailor our services to individual needs. We can provide all services needed to proactively or reactively manage collections, and the transition of such collections from generation to generation. Offering a wide range of services that we can tailor to individual needs, we guide clients through the valuation and sale process, ensuring the highest level of service.

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  Fair Market Value: Christie’s Art Market Insights Podcast

Fair Market Value: Christie’s Art Market Insights Podcast
Christie's Trusts & Estates team members Joey Quigley and Joanna Ostrem interview our specialists on the state of the art market and interesting new developments.

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