A Century of Art: The Gerald Fineberg Collection

  • Event date May 2023
  • Event location New York

This May, Christie’s New York is honored to present A Century of Art: The Gerald Fineberg Collection: a rich and nuanced collection of modern, post-war and contemporary art that will be presented as a standalone two-part auction during the 20/21 Century sales season in New York. In Gerald Fineberg’s wide-ranging trove, modern masterworks by Man Ray and Picasso join the timeless figurative paintings of Alice Neel and Barkley Hendricks and the pioneering artworks of Ruth Asawa and Lee Krasner. This is a momentous collection, the likes of which have been rarely seen before, and one that is in step with today’s changing definition of the traditional 20th century artistic canon.


Special feature

Fineberg Editorial index


‘A collector who thought like a curator’: Gerald Fineberg’s panoramic collection

From Modernism to the Pictures Generation and abstraction to figuration, the Fineberg collection offers a comprehensive look at the last 100 years of art history.

Collection highlights

Tour information

Christie's San Francisco

San Francisco

Christie’s San Francisco
49 Geary Street
Suite 530
San Francisco, CA 94108

12-14 April, 10am – 5pm
15 April, 11am – 4pm


Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Christie’s Palm Beach
247 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, Florida

14-19 April, 11am-5pm
*Closed Sunday and Monday

Christie's Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Christie’s Los Angeles
336 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

17-20 April
Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 5pm
Saturday, 11am – 4pm


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