Mettere Al Mondo Il Mondo

A Collecting Journey in the World of Alighiero Boetti

  • Event date 19 - 27 February
  • Event location London

Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of Alighiero Boetti’s death, Christie’s is delighted to present an outstanding group of works that reflect one of the twentieth century’s most enigmatic and ambitious practices. Exhibited at King Street between 19-27 February 2024, this exquisitely curated retrospective captures the extraordinary connoisseurly vision of a singular collector, assembled with an exceptional eye for quality, rarity and beauty.

With select works offered through Christie’s, the exhibition charts the breadth and depth of Boetti's three-decade-long career. Beginning with early works born in the crucible of Arte Povera, it includes major examples of his Mappe, Arazzi, Biro, Aerei and Tutto, culminating in the grand series Alternando da uno a cento e viceversa created the year before his death. Juxtaposing masterpieces with unseen gems, it paints a rich and lucid picture of an artist who spent his life ‘giving time to time’, reconciling ‘order and disorder’, and ‘bringing the world into the world’ — mettere al mondo il mondo.

Alighiero Boetti

I am interested in primary matters, such as the alphabet, the map, the newspapers ... There is an exact order innate in each and every thing, even if it manifests in a disorderly manner
—Alighiero Boetti

Boetti collection catalogue

Discover over 25 works from the retrospective exhibition, Mettere al Mondo il Mondo: A Collection Journey in the World of Alighiero Boetti


London Sale Room


Christie’s London
8 King St., St. James’s
London, SW1Y 6QT

19–27 February
Monday, 19 February, 9am – 5pm
Tuesday, 20 February, 9am – 5pm
Wednesday, 21 February, 9am – 5pm
Thursday, 22 February, 9am – 5pm
Friday, 23 February, 9am – 5pm
Saturday, 24 February, 12pm – 5pm
Sunday, 25 February, 12pm – 5pm
Monday, 26 February , 9am – 5pm
Tuesday, 27 February, 9am – 5pm

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MAIN IMAGE: Alighiero Boetti with Order and disorder, Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, 1959. Photo: © Giorgio Colombo.