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A Nagato Wakizashi
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A Nagato Wakizashi


A Nagato Wakizashi
Signed Choshu Ju Fujiwara Kiyoshige Saku, Edo Period (17th-18th Century)
Sugata [configuration]: hira-zukuri, iori-mune, broad and even-curved
Kitae [forging pattern]: close-packed ko-itame with mokume and regions of flowing grain and with small bright jinie overall
Hamon [tempering pattern]: suguha of konie with a tendency to sujigaiba or nijuba near the monouchi
Boshi [tip]: komaru
Horimono [carvings]: on the omote a koshihi extending half the length of the blade, on the ura gomabashi
Nakago [tang]: ubu with a shallow kurijiri tip, one hole, sujigai file marks with an area of kiri yasuri kesho
Habaki [collar]: double, copper-gilt over a lower silver-clad copper piece
Koshirae [set of mounts]: black lacquered scabbard, matt with polished strips along the sides, shakudo nanako fuchi-kashira with herons on boats in high relief inlay of copper, silver and gold, menuki of Daikoku Ten with his mallet and a cup of wine, and a boatman carved and inlaid in copper, shakudo, silver and gold, iron tsuba of foliate profile with butterflies in low relief, with details in itobori, the hilt bound with pale brown braid, the kozuka unusually decorated on both sides with an identical profusion of shells, plum and cherry blossoms, male and female paper dolls, and a toy cat, in high relief with inlay of copper, silver and gold on a copper nanako ground
Nagasa [length from tip to beginning of tang]: 39.2cm.
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Accompanied by a Hozon Token [Sword Worthy of Preserving] certificate no.54632, issued by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai [Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Art Sword] on 5 October 1999.

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