4 pages, 8vo (written in violet ink on squared paper)." /> PROUST, Marcel. Unpublished autograph letter signed to Lucien Daudet ('Mon petit rat'), <I>n.p. [Paris], n.d. [1896?]</I>, writing on finding his letter 'qui est ratvissante', and amused by some anecdote, 'ce qu'un louchon de goût appellerait des "perles" ', planning to be 'le plus rat possible'; proposing that Lucien call the same evening, but he has not slept for three days and has run about all day 'comme un rat de ville'; declining an invitation to dinner because his parents would not like this but he will come later, 'je viendrai si tôt apres dîner que ce sera "tout comme" ' and continuing with further jokes about their letters, their use of inverted commas and 'louchonneries', and how he would like to finish the letter with something fitting for 'un véritable rat' but can only think of things too dubious, 'je ne trouve que des choses si m.g. que je ne veux même pas vous demander si vous les trouvez rats, craignant une nouvelle philippique', <I>4 pages, 8vo</I> (written in violet ink on squared paper). | Christie's