Post-War & Contemporary Art


  • New York

    • Alexander Rotter

      Alexander Rotter


    • Sara Friedlander

      Sara Friedlander

      Deputy Chairman

    • Barrett White

      Barrett White

      Executive Deputy Chairman, Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art, Americas

    • Johanna Flaum

      Johanna Flaum

      Vice Chairman, 20th and 21st Century Art, Americas

    • Ana Maria Celis

      Ana Maria Celis

      Head of Department

    • Joanna Szymkowiak

      Joanna Szymkowiak

      Senior Vice President, Senior Specialist, Head of Private Sales

    • Emily Kaplan

      Emily Kaplan

      Senior Vice President, Senior Specialist, Co-head of 20th Century Evening Sale

    • Isabella Lauria

      Isabella Lauria

      Vice President, Specialist, Head of 21st Century Evening Sale

    • Alma Davidsohn

      Alma Davidsohn

      Specialist, Private Sales

    • Kathryn Widing

      Kathryn Widing

      Vice President, Senior Specialist, Head of the 21st Century Evening Sale

    • Rachael White Young

      Rachael White Young

      Vice President, Senior Specialist, Head of Core Market Sales

    • Michael Baptist

      Michael Baptist

      AVP, Co-Head of Day Sale

    • Julian Ehrlich

      Julian Ehrlich

      AVP, Specialist, Head of Sale, Post-War to Present

    • Nicole Sales Giles

      Nicole Sales Giles

      VP, Director, Digital Art Sales

    • Allison Immergut

      Allison Immergut

      AVP, Co-Head of Day Sale

    • Kathryn Marber

      Kathryn Marber

      Associate Specialist

    • Sebastian Sanchez

      Sebastian Sanchez

      Manager, Digital Art Sales

    • AJ Kiyoizumi

      AJ Kiyoizumi

      Associate Specialist, Head of Online Sales

    • Emily Rose Fitzgerald

      Emily Rose Fitzgerald

      Junior Specialist

    • Rachel Ng

      Rachel Ng

      Junior Specialist, 20th Century Evening Sale

    • Shereen Al-Sawwaf

      Shereen Al-Sawwaf

      Junior Specialist

    • Abby Bresler

      Abby Bresler

      Cataloguer, Private Sales

    • Taylor Nemetz

      Taylor Nemetz


    • Lydia Chen

      Lydia Chen

      Associate, Digital Art Sales

  • London

    • Katharine Arnold

      Katharine Arnold

      Head of Post-War & Contemporary Art, Europe

    • Edmond Francey

      Edmond Francey

      International Director, Post-War & Contemporary Art, Europe

    • Alice de Roquemaurel

      Alice de Roquemaurel

      International Director

    • Tessa Lord

      Tessa Lord

      Interim Acting Head of Department

    • Alessandro Diotallevi

      Alessandro Diotallevi

      Senior Specialist

    • Claudia Schürch

      Claudia Schürch

      Senior Specialist, Head of Evening Sale

    • Anna Touzin

      Anna Touzin

      Specialist, Head of Day Sale

    • Victoria Gramm

      Victoria Gramm


    • Isabel Bardawil

      Isabel Bardawil


    • Stephanie Rao

      Stephanie Rao


    • Maggie Kwiecien

      Maggie Kwiecien

      Specialist, Private Sales

    • Nicole Ching

      Nicole Ching

      Specialist Advisor

    • Marie-Claire Thijsen

      Marie-Claire Thijsen

      Associate Specialist

    • Andrea Gnoli

      Andrea Gnoli

      Junior Specialist

    • Joanna Hattab

      Joanna Hattab

      Associate Specialist

    • Elizabeth Cowden

      Elizabeth Cowden

      Junior Specialist

    • Joseph Braka

      Joseph Braka

      Junior Specialist

    • Martha Meshoulam

      Martha Meshoulam

      Cataloguer, Day Sale

  • Amsterdam

    • Jetske Homan van der Heide

      Jetske Homan van der Heide

      Senior Specialist, Senior Director

    • Luuk Hoogewerf

      Luuk Hoogewerf

      Junior Specialist

  • Brussels

    • Peter van der Graaf

      Peter van der Graaf

      Senior Specialist

  • Cologne

  • Dubai

    • Dr. Ridha Moumni

      Dr. Ridha Moumni

      Deputy Chairman Middle East & North Africa

    • Meagan Kelly Horsman

      Meagan Kelly Horsman

      Managing Director Middle East

    • Suzy Sikorski

      Suzy Sikorski


    • Marie-Claire Thijsen

      Marie-Claire Thijsen

      Associate Specialist

  • Dusseldorf

    • Arno Verkade

      Arno Verkade

      Managing Director, Germany and the Netherlands, Business Development

    • Herrad Schorn

      Herrad Schorn

      International Director

  • Geneva

    • Garrett Landolt

      Garrett Landolt


  • Hong Kong

    • Cristian Albu

      Cristian Albu

      Co-head of Department

    • Evelyn Lin (林家如)

      Evelyn Lin (林家如)

      Co-head of Department

    • Jacky Ho (何善衡)

      Jacky Ho (何善衡)

      Head of Evening Sale

  • Los Angeles

    • Alex Marshall

      Alex Marshall

      Senior Vice President, Senior Specialist

  • Madrid

    • Beatriz Ordovas

      Beatriz Ordovas

      Head of Post-War & Contemporary Art Iberica

  • Milan

    • Elena Zaccarelli

      Elena Zaccarelli

      Senior Specialist, Head of Sale, Milan

    • Martina Spiritelli

      Martina Spiritelli


  • Paris

    • Paul Nyzam

      Paul Nyzam

      Head of Department

    • Laëtitia Bauduin de la Brosse

      Laëtitia Bauduin de la Brosse

      Deputy Chairman

    • Pierre Martin-Vivier

      Pierre Martin-Vivier

      Deputy Chairman

    • Josephine Wanecq

      Josephine Wanecq

      Specialist, Head of Evening Sale

    • Alix Peronnet

      Alix Peronnet

      Associate Specialist, Head of Day Sale

    • Morgane Cornu

      Morgane Cornu

      Cataloguer & Head of Online Sale

    • Elisabetta Vitullo

      Elisabetta Vitullo


    • Avant-Garde(s) Including Think

      Avant-Garde(s) Including Thinking Italian

      General Enquires

  • Rome

    • Mariolina Bassetti

      Mariolina Bassetti

      Chairman, Post-War & Contemporary Art, Continental Europe and Chairman, Christie's Italy

    • Renato Pennisi

      Renato Pennisi

      International Specialist, Director

    • Giulia Centonze

      Giulia Centonze

      Junior Specialist, Head of Sale

    • Jacopo Strati

      Jacopo Strati

      Cataloguer and Sale Coordinator

  • Zürich

    • Jutta Nixdorf

      Jutta Nixdorf

      Managing Director, Senior Specialist

    • Zoë Klemme

      Zoë Klemme

      Associate Director, Senior Specialist

Image Credit: Jackson Pollock, Number 16, 1949 (Detail). © 2017 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.