Classic Week New York

Art from antiquity to the 20th century

  • Event date 13 January - 1 February

Take a closer look with us at Classic Week in New York, celebrating art from antiquity to the 20th century. The seven live auctions and three online sales spotlight Old MastersAntiquities, European Art, Books and Manuscripts and the cross-category works from The Exceptional Sale. Watch the series unveil historic moments of creative inspiration: an Egyptian Bronze Lion-Headed Goddess, a Roman Marble Herm Portrait of Theophrastus, a second edition of Copernicus’s De Revolutionibus, ‘The Arizona Spike’ honouring the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, and a first printing of the final Emancipation Proclamation. The selection also features captivating portraits by Francisco de Goya, an illuminating still-life by Pieter Claesz and a complete series of 20 drawings on vellum by Johannes Wierix. Gain new insights into art history from expertly curated collections such as Remastered: Old Masters from the Collection of J.E. Safra and Modern Medici: Masterpieces from a New York Collection

Classic Week New York

Featured Collection

The Collection of JE Safra

Remastered: Old Masters from the Collection of J.E. Safra Selling Without Reserve

25 January 2023
New York

The Collection of J.E. Safra casts a new light on the significant period of art history from the Dutch Golden Age through the 19th century.

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An Opulent Aesthetic: An Important Private Collection from an English Country House

Live Auction

An Opulent Aesthetic: An Important Private Collection from an English Country House

9 February 2023

The interiors of this English country house were an opulent reinterpretation of the traditional country house style. They reflected the collector’s notable eye for excellence, connoisseurship and taste, providing a luxurious retreat from the city, where country sports could be enjoyed and friends entertained on a grand scale.

Classic Week at Christie’s

Christie’s Education | Online Course

The Great Masters of European Art 1350–1850

17 January – 27 February 2023

Discover the essentials of European art history from 1350-1850 in these six lavishly-produced lessons. Over six weeks, the course will take you from the Early Renaissance in Italy through to Romanticism in Britain, introducing you to the artists we call the great masters.